Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hey Look..

I can see a dog outside my window, sniffing around the garbage area..and hey look, it's peeing the place as well. haha.. it's really a wonder for me to see a dog hanging around in campus because frankly, i noticed that there are not really many dogs in sight here in the Peninsula. They have cats instead and LOTS of them! i guess it's because the majority of the society in the Peninsula are muslims.. so they'd like to eradicate as many stray dogs as possible and keep the cats instead. Actually the same thing is happening in my hometown as well.. but i don't think it's that extreme compared to here and dogs are not a rare sight for us there and the muslims there aren't that much of dog-haters or something. When i come and think about it, dogs can do a lot of good than cats. Cats basically just know how to catch rats and laze around the house and get all the comfort they need without the risk of getting eradicated. well i'm not saying we should eradicate cats here..
it's just that sometimes i really think that to eradicate stray dogs just because some people don't like them is not fair. and here's another thing, i heard that they SHOOT stray dogs instead of giving them homes(there are many people who'd love to have dogs as companions) or putting them to sleep, which is more HUMANE. It just disgusts me to think that they even have the heart to do that to another living, breathing creation.
how i wish i could do something to help even the slightest bit.

this makes me miss my dogs and home..
well, gonna be home soon.. i still have about 1 month plus before returning home for semester break.. can't wait.

and Christina's gonna come to KL soon! weepee~ can't wait to see her!

alritey, will update again later.. tata..

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