Friday, August 24, 2007

Mi Birthday

Dear Blog,

I know it's a bit late to be talking about my birthday which was exactly 1 week ago(Aug 17). Haha. But anyways, my main purpose is just to post some pictures here actually. I don't really know where to put all the pics. So i guess here is the most appropriate place to put up all the pics. By the way, there was nothing much during my birthday and wasn't really expecting to be celebrating as well because that very night of my birthday we were gonna have a midterm test. So it was really not the best time to be celebrating things. haha. Anyway, my friends were great enough to treat me with some late night birthday supper. Really appreciate it. It was REALLY sweet of them to do that. I even got cupcakes! haha. So enough blabbering, here are the photos...

Here's the whole gang. Me and Hanif spoiled the pic though. haha.

Another one in diff angle.

Me and Danny boy here.

Faiz kecik a.k.a Pak Aji

and Aizat

and here's my so-called "twin", Amara. Many people say we look alike. She's Thai-Chinese..and she can speak both thai n chinese. I know, cool right?

and here's Dean, The Big Boss and Hafiz, The Joker

and the one in cap is Faiz Besar a.k.a Family Man. haha.

and that's Hanif..

there's also Lionel on the far right..

and also Nisah..

and this is the happy birthday girl. =P

k that's all folks. haha.

p/s: regarding my IC and all, i've already settled everything. weepee..~

alright then, it's late and i'm sleepy. goodnight!

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