Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kundasang Trip

Dear bloggie~

yeap yeap, the title says it all. Had a trip to Kundasang on 11th of June with a bunch of us "ging karas". We overnight at Jojo's mountain house in Mesilau. We also purposely chose June 11th because we wanted to celebrate Lena's bday which was the next day. Didn't do much but we had fun entertaining ourselves; we had BBQ(which took the guys a VERY long time to pasang arang. And ended up other people doing it for them haha), and took A LOT of pictures at practically the same place, only with different poses. haha. I can safely say that our main activity during our stay there was cam-whoring. hahaha. Will upload the pictures here when I already got the pictures from the source(Lena, Mim and Hazel).. I already got some from Hazel and Mim, but the nice ones are with Lena, and up until now, she still hasn't uploaded them for us yet. haih2.

"It hurts! wounds so sore.. now I'm torn.. now I'm turn.. I've been far away~~ when I see your face my hearts burst into fire~ hearts burst into fire~"

See that? that's a portion of a song called "Hearts Burst Into Fire" by Bullet For My Valentine, which keeps on playing in my head up until now because me, Achul and Nizar jammed that song many many times in Kundasang. And it was sho fun..~! dengan penuh ekspresinya kami nyanyi. hahaha. I think Hazel and Dyan took a video of one of our jamming sessions singing that song. Haven't taken that video either. huhuh. Will do later, will definitely do. hoho.

We headed back home the next day around noon and made a stop at the stalls by the street to buy few things to tapau back home. I bought some bananas, tomatoes, green peppers, 1 kilo of limau, kerepek ubi, and a dozen of red roses and another 5 roses(3 reds, 1 white, 1 yellow) for Lena as her birthday gifts, shared by myself, Dyan and Hazel. Almost all of us bought roses(only the girls of course) because the roses there are damn cheap--RM1 per stalk. basar mata membeli trus. haha. After that we headed back home, all sleeping soundly like babies in the car(Lena's car, driven by her driver) during the 2-hours-plus ride home. Jojo and the guys were at another car; Jojo's car to be exact, driven by her dad. haha.

Okay, guess that's about it. Nothing much for a 2D1N's trip. hehe.

Will upload the videos(if possible) and pictures later, hopefully soon.
till then, tata~~


Jerry said...

Arghhh jimbet! Aku jeles tahap sial skrang. No words to explain. Actually ada tp it'll come out like this: "S!@lFu**@!ng£"Hell!!Pn*tt*@?!" WARGHHH!

christina said...

ARGGGGHH!!!!! aku pun! crap~