Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another Stressful Week

Yeap, another stressful week. In case you didn't know, it's exam week now. It's the short semester. I just had my first paper earlier this morning. I think it was okay - okay as in no blank papers like in most cases. haha. Gonna be hitting library much more often than before for the last paper for this coming Saturday. It's the shittiest paper for this sem. Well, there are only two subjects for this sem. So, it's the shittiest of the two. There are 7 freakin' chapters for goodness sake. And it's only the short sem! you know how many is that for a short sem? A LOT! huhu. Maybe I'm complaining and exaggerating a bit too much. haha.

Oh well, exam schmexam. It's always the same story. Stress, Last-min study, stress-eating, bloatness, and and and.. you know the whole story.

But always remember, when things are looking gloomy, just look on the bright side.
my bright side is...... I'll be going home soon!~~ weee~~ hohoho

alritey, tata. Wish me luck!


Cherrying Fuse said...

goodluckkk.. :P :P

NatheRiot said...
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NatheRiot said...

haha Goodluck dong!
PS: Bila ko balik new year?

You-Know-Who said...

aww you haven't finish exam? Good luck for the last one!
Btw, your bright side is sooo "bright". haha.

Joy said...

haha. thanx!~