Monday, January 5, 2009


oooookay friends, Chris told me(through her offline messages on MSN actually lol) about another video of her dancing in it. Now eberibodi say "Uuuuu~~~" haha. She asked me to search on Youtube under "Kenyalang Kinabalu" title, and I found more than one videos of it. Nice. haha. I've posted 3 videos here. SO..enjoy

This first video is a performance for their DeepaRaya-Lah!Festival'08.
KSMU - Kenyalang Traditional Dance, DeepaRaya '08

"urang kita.. kita urang, urang kita!" haha. lawa o si Ondu in her Murut dress. ekeke.

This second video is a medley song of "Aku Cinta Aku Rindu"(Nurul & Ajai) and "Itu Kamu"(Estranged). Chris isn't really one of the main stars in the video but she's in the video alright.
Freestyler - Deeparaya 2008 KSMU - 8th November 2008

and this last video is a dance performance they did for another event which was International Students Cultural Festival in Kursk with the same dance they did for DeepaRaya.
International Student's Cultural Festival in Kursk, Russia - Malaysian Borneo Cultural Dance

Now aren't we all proud of Chris? *clap clap* haha. gila bangga if I were there. "kawan sia itu" is what I'd be saying to the person sitting next to me. hahaha

Well there you go, an update of some quite outdated events of our beloved friend in Russia.

Since Chris has difficulty logging into Youtube, I thought by posting these videos here would make it easier for her to check them back whenever she has the chance.

we're all missing you ondu!

P/S: maybe it's about time for some videos from our friends in Egypt, hmm? ekeke :p


mEduSa said...

se nampak chris!!!!!!!!! hee. chris amat chumil!!! =) best!!!

Joy said...

hahhahha.. yaaaa!!

Jerry said...

Active si Chris sana! Wooot woot!

christina said...

hua hua.. tx guys!! *^_^* tx for the posting bebeh.

Joy said...

hoho anything por u~ haha