Sunday, January 11, 2009

De-stressing Time

Finally, exams are over. Weehoo~! Now it's time to enjoy without feeling guilty of not studying. haha. My last paper was yesterday morning. Practically didn't sleep the whole night before exam. Studied last minute like mad at the library 'til 6 in the morn. Yes, 6AM. Crazy I know but I can't afford to fail again after last sem. Huhu. Wasn't planning to stay there until that late though, but it was raining cats and dogs, and I didn't have any umbrella with me. So I crashed at my friend, Dya's hostel room in the end. Slept for only about half an hour as her phone alarm went off. Tried to get back another precious 30-min sleep but couldn't because I was thinking too much. Nothing related to exam(which was another two hours plus at that time) haha. My head was already thinking about home and my to-do-list for the holidays. lol.

My tummy was feeling funny the whole time during exam. It was twisting and turning inside. No, I wasn't hungry. Maybe it was the doughnut I ate for breakfast. Or maybe the iced milo? hmm. Anyway, it was funny coz of the bad tummy ache I was having gas as well. HAHA. I farted my way through exam. LOL! but before you twist your face in disgust, it didn't smell. I held in some, only let out some small ones. You know the feeling of holding your gas inside for so long that your tummy starts to get worse and worse? You can feel the ammonic gas doing something to your insides. Doesn't feel good at all. Thus, I had to let out some to make it feel better. Lucky they weren't of the "silent killers" as we always say it. It was odour-less. lol. So that was that for my exam. Exam was officially over at 9am. phew~ what a relief. After exam I went out to have lunch with my coursemates. Still having the funny tummy-ache and of course, gas as well. haha. Had a small meal and then I got a message from Hafeez, inviting me to their place for some small BBQ. I totally forgot about that. I shouldn't have had that lunch if I'd remember coz I was already full by then. Went back home first and finally had the chance to go to the toilet and ease myself full blast. HAHA. Bad gas and tummy-ache was at last relieved.

Dayze was about to go back KK around that time, so I helped her with her bags to the taxi stand. Bid her goodbye and went straight for the BBQ. Stayed there for a very short time because Bart was already on his way to my place. Got back home and slept 'til late in the evening. Woke up, and stayed awake for a couple more hours and went back to sleep again to pay up all the sleepless nights during exam week. Got up around midnight and got a text message from Net asking whether the shisha plan was still on(planned during exam week). Cooked some fried vermicelli or mihun guring(haha) for Bart, took a shower and off I go to shisha with Net, Sofia and Megat~ weehew~ haha. The shisha was nice. We even got a treat from the owner for another free shisha. By the way, it wasn't the same place as last time where they had free shisha for a week. This time it was at the next shop. lol. I think I'm getting better at shisa-ing~ ngehngeh. Shisha session was dragged until around 4.30AM. The free shisha treat got me high and dizzy. Same went to the rest of them. Went back and said bye-bye and bid happy holidays to them, a bunch of free spirited friends. I had a good time with them.Will only be seeing them again next semester.

And now here I am blogging. Couldn't get some sleep. Probably because of all the dozing off's I had. Oh well, today's plan is to clean the whole house as I'm going off tomorrow!~ weee~~ kinda sad to leave Bart behind again after such a short time from my last sem break. But no worries, it's only gonna be three weeks~ hehe.

I think I'll stop here. Such a lengthy entry this time. So very rajin of me. haha. Okay then, morning people and

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to me~! and of course, my MMU friends as well! haha

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