Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bloody Day

Dear blog,

for starters, I woke up late for church this morning and missed the confession session. Nevertheless, we(Lat and I) still proceeded to church despite being late(my mother would be so proud of me if she knew this, considering the fact that I'm the most lazy one in the family to go to church back home in KK ;p). Anyhoo, we reached church at around 10.40++ AM(church starts at 10.30) and when we entered the church, I planned to just stand along with the late-comers at the back but then this aunty, or one of the church-people there, led or more like, insisted to help us find a seat. OK nevermind, she was just trying to help us, I thought. So, we followed her from the back...passing the back rows...middle rows...and finally, the FRONT rows. Dammit. There we sat, 2nd row from the front. It was kinda embarassing to passed all of the people at the back since we came in late. So, to go all the way to the front was like to let all the people in the church and not to mention, the PRIEST, know that we came in late. However, I kept cool. haha.

After church, Mel met up with us and we went to lunch together at this watsitsname restaurant where we ate one of the most delicious sasau(or pork cooked in red with sweet sauce..yummy!) I've ever eaten..well it's not actually called "sasau", that's just what we, the non-chinese-speaker call it. It's actually "char siew" or "char sau"..hmmm... I guess. Not sure. Go ask your chinese friends. hehe. Ok, after lunch, I initially planned to head straight back home since I didn't have any money and there were still loads more study to catch up with(finals is like in another 2 more weeks) but Mel wanted to go shopping at Mahkota Parade for awhile so she asked us to accompany her. Reluctantly, I tagged along... well, I didn't show it to her that I was reluctant to go. I just kept my cool, as usual. muehehe..

It was drizzling at that time and luckily I was wearing black shirt. From lunch, we walked all the way to MP but we had to stop at Dataran Pahlawan(opposite MP) first because the rain was getting heavier. We browsed around DP while waiting for the rain to stop and Mel bought some new clothes during the browsing activity. As for me, I just window-shopped. hehe. No money bahh...then we went browsing around again and we even managed to donate some money to this Salvation Army foundation I think. Not sure what it was for actually but the cute little girl who asked for donations from us won our hearts. haha. After that, we decided to just go to MP although it was still raining.

Reached MP, and there were so many people there, shopping for Christmas I figured. Without wasting time, Mel went on her shopping spree. At the moment, I can't really recall what were the things she bought but all I remember was that she finally bought the red stillettos she's been wanting since last week. They looked nice on her by the way. Then we went browsing around more and Lat and Mel bought some things along the way. Oh, I bought 2 Christmas cards myself. hehe.

Then Mel took me and Lat for a drink(it was on her as a favour of accompanying her). Lat went to the loo and didn't come back for quite some time until we thought she was lost finding the toilet. Just when we were about to worry about her, suddenly she came back and enthusiastically told us about this blood donation campaign she saw on her way back from the toilet. She managed to talk us into donating our bloods including Mel, who seemed VERY reluctant due to her fear for needles. haha. Went there, filled in a form and a card, and get our blood donated. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't nervous(it was my first time) but I managed to keep my cool, as usual. But Mel, she was freaking out man... it was very amusing watching her, even the staff there also seemed amused by Mel's reactions. Anyhow, after the blood donation, we were treated for a drink and a sausage bun so as to gain some energy. Oh and btw, Lat was so frustrated because she didn't get to donate her blood due to her asthma and plus, her menses just ended only recently. I do pity her because she was the one who was so eager to do the blood donation in the 1st place. Both Mel and I felt a bit weak after donating our blood, but it's normal they say, so I just leave it be. After that, we finally headed back home and we only reached EP at around 6pm or so. Not sure. I was exhausted and the rain wasn't really helping. A day I initally planned to be a simple day turned out to be quite a long and tiring day. But I'm not complaining because if it wasn't for Mel asking us to accompany her to go shopping, I wouldn't have gotten the chance to donate my blood, which I had been wanting to do for a long time. There's always something behind everything. hihi. They say that there'll be another blood donation campaign in Feb next year at MMU...can't wait! OK gotta go, I can see that Lat's still awake in the bed with her feet swinging from side to side now, indicating that she cannot sleep and it's most probably because of the typing sound I'm making here hehe...sorry Lat. K, till then, turrah..

P.S: The time(7 : 34 AM) shown below of when this entry is posted is incorrect. The time now is supposed to be around 11.40 PM. Dunno how to change it. I'll figure it out later.

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