Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cloud 9

Yes my dear blog, the title says it all...
I am indeed in Cloud 9 now...
somebody please get me back to the ground..
hahahahahaha..(nah..high summore..wahaha)

ok ok, it was during my last class of the day that made me go up to cloud 9...
He didn't come to class since morning, and yes I admit, I did try to look for him..
with my ever-searching eyes, I search for something round and shiny among all the blacks and browns...yes, he's bald. hahaha..
Anyways, towards the end of the day, he finally came for the last class of the day.
He sat at the very last row and I somewhere in the middle.
Then, when I was busy catching up with the lecturer's speed-teaching, Andrew called my name from the back and as I turned around, he gave me an envelope.
Didn't open it instantly, some delays of doing the exercises given by the lecturer.
After that was done, I opened the envelope and found a Christmas card in it.
It was from "him", the bald guy. My heart skipped a beat and boy was I in a good mood the whole time after that. hahahahaha... how I wish he had written more than what he'd written in that card, but heck, it was great enough that he gave me a card, right? hehe.

I couldn't stop smiling. I tried to control the excessive smiling, afraid that it would look too obvious, but with little success. hehe.
oh, and forgot to mention this, when I got the card, I turned back to thank him but he was "busy" searching something in his bag, thus my thank you was delayed.... but what actually caught my eyes was that, I thought I saw him blushing. Well, I'm not so sure 'bout that though, but since he has fair skin, it would not be hard to notice if he blushes. hehe. Later on, after class finished, I finally got to thank him, but only from a distance..would like to thank him face to face in a much closer distance though. hehehe.

And yes until now...I'm still in cloud 9. I wonder if I should buy him a card also? hmm... but the problem is, I don't really have the money now..haha. I'm really out of money at the moment. like REALLY. I told Lat and Chris bout this. Lat couldn't stop teasing me as I was all smiles througout the day and Chris called me up as soon as I text messaged her. She was so eager to listen to my full story... and she was really happy for me. I'm glad she called. Miss her so much.

*sigh* cloud 9.
This is not healthy.
Have to stop.

It'd be great if he feels the same way as I do. hohoho..merry xmas~

p.s: The timestamp format is finally rectified. No more incorrect timestamp.

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