Tuesday, December 19, 2006

May You Be Blessed

Dear blog,

it's been raining for quite some time now. Actually it's been raining since last night right until this minute. The rain never seem to cease down which resulted the very cold weather. I didn't go to two of my classes because of the rain. Ok, that sounded more of an excuse and I'm not gonna defend myself on that ehehe.

I'm taking a break from studying now and decided to go on the net to check a few things(friendster, myspace, emails). Well I just checked my inbox and there was this forwarded email with the subject "Too lovely not to forward!". The email was about this link. So, I clicked the link and there was this clip about blessing. It was a lovely clip indeed; nice and comforting. Just what I need to read on this cold and dreaded weather. With that, I'd like to share the link with you who are reading this now. Just click on this:

We Send You Our Blessings

and voila!
enjoy the clip...
may you be blessed...

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