Friday, December 29, 2006

Oh God..

Dear blog,

a terrible news has come to my knowing. Apparently, my cousins(step-cousins actually) were involved in an accident and one of them died on the spot. I'm not really sure how the story goes, but according to my friend, who is a friend of my cousins, the car in which my cousins were driving fell into a ravine. They say that my cousin who was driving was trying to do the drift stunt as his car was a sport-car. With all those NOS and its horse power, it's no wonder why one would try to do such a thing. Anyways, it is a SHOCKING news. A VERY SHOCKING news. I'm in loss of words now actually. I really dunno how to say it. It's too shoking. I pity his family. He left his mother and a younger brother so suddenly. And not forgetting his girlfriend, which I happen to know as well. They seem to be going steady and serious... I just cannot imagine the impact this would do to his girlfriend and family. Even I, who is not that close to him is very shocked.

This incident makes me feel unsafe and a bit paranoid. I'm really wishing that I'm at home right now. I wouldn't wanna leave my family because if anythin bad happen to them I might be of some kind of help. How can I not be a bit paranoid? First, there was Joycelyn, a friend of mine, who died only recently due to an unknown cause(her body was found floating faced down at a mangrove swamp) and now my cousin??? what is this? Please God, stop this death rows...maybe there's a reason as to why these things are happening. Maybe it's because we are moving away from God each day and that makes Him sad. huhuh... You'll never know when you've gotta go. Who knows? Maybe I could be next tomorrow?? palis-palis(same as touch wood in kadazan).

God please look after my family, friends and them to death, more than myself. Please O God... I pomise to try to be good.

Whatever it is...I pray that may my cousin's soul rest in peace and may You bring comfort to his grieving family and friends...I ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

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