Thursday, December 14, 2006


Hello there blog. Well, I'm new in here(blogger beta), not in blogging though. I have a blog in Friendster, but I think to blog out my life there is way too public. Yea okay, as if it's not public here you say, right? You see, the thing is, there are times when I just wanna let it all out without ALL my friends knowing. At least in here, only those who don't know me are probably the only ones who're gonna read this blog(which I don't mind) and I will only let some selected friends know about the existence of this blog but of course more friends will know about it in times to come. Oh, and when I said "gonna read", it was more like "will accidentally read" huahua. Besides, Friendster blog kinda sucks(hope I won't get sued for saying that. LOL.) AND, I'm just too lazy to keep a diary(book)..although the idea interests me, but I'm just plain lazy to do that. haha.. why diary when blog is just a click away? ok, LAME!

Oh-kay, so this is my first post. Lemme do a bit of introduction of myself here. Well, my name is Joyce and I'm an 18-yr old Uni student from Malaysia. Oopsy, phone's ringing. *on the phone*

oh well, gotta go now. I've something to do. I have plenty to say but until then, catch up with ya later~! turrahhh~

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