Thursday, December 21, 2006



Well blog, my english presentation has finally ended. Although the burden is off, the thought that I screwed up my presentation kinda disturbs me. But doesn't matter. All I have to think about now is my final exam, which is about another 12 days more. Didn't get to fully concentrate on my studies lately due to the frequent sumazau practices for my friend's presentation. She asked Lat and I to teach and support them in the sumazau dance as their presentation was about the Kadazan people. The presentation was yesterday and the next day(which is today) would be my english presentation. Did that as well, and now, my physics test 2 is gonna be on this saturday. And dammit, I'm not prepared for it. Anyway, I hope I'll be doing just fine...just have to study more and pray to God harder. hahah..

Ok, I'll just stop here... gotta get ready for church tonight. With that said, byebye.

p.s: The bald guy's presentation just now was amusing! It was that amusing until the lecturer saved their presentation in her pendrive. huhuh..

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