Monday, November 24, 2008

Finally It's Out


my supplementary exam results are just out(Remember that I previously failed two subject which were Maths III and Electromagnetic Theory). Well, I only passed Maths III and failed Electromagnetic. Boohoo~ looks like I'm gonna have to repeat Electro then.

I'm actually very grateful that I passed Maths III, because honestly, I'd been expecting to fail both. Haha. I was already prepared for the worst. So, to pass at least one subject is great enough for me. Seems that Someone had heard my prayer, and I thank You for that.

Okie that's all. Just some news flash for ya. hehe =p


bonzella said...

congrats sma ko pass maths III. salute~ sia berbangga sma ko.
psal failed electromagnetic tu, erm cuba lg joy. jgn putus asa. ceh. ;)

Joy said...

hahaha. ya akan ku cuba. huhu~ anyways, thanx. hihi