Tuesday, November 4, 2008


After restraining myself from the tempts of others for a very long time, I have finally gave in and conform with the rest of you. I now have a Facebook account. (Dammit)

Well, I just wanted to see what's the fuss all about. Curious, curious. =p

And now, I'm completely clueless about the whole thing. Need time to explore. And, WHY..WHY is everyone into Facebook these days!? It's kinda annoying. But what the heck, the delete-account button is just few clicks away. Haha.

Exam results are out! *panting frantically*

Okay, Bye.


NatheRiot said...

hoho no worries dong facebook is BORING lol.
how is d result? hohoho
sya priday baru startttt aaahhhh

Joy said...

hahaha. anu, results = bad. boo hoo~~ friday baru start xm?? wah, gudluck dong mek! haha

mEduSa said...

BECAUSEEE, fcb is new! haha. i wana re-post d comment u made bout fcb at gengkaras pg last tym. tp malas sda mau cari. haha.

ui ko suda add sa ka? ada tu i fren2 c aimil tu jg, yg dlu pun sma2 ngutuk fcb. hahaha!

christina said...

dong mek has fb!! its kinda annoyng act... but wat the heck. posted pics of us there.. check me out! ^_^

Joy said...

@medusa: ahahhaha repost blk! hahha. bahh ko pn ada fb suda juga? im so left behind. haha. nti sa cuba cari la kio. sa blur2 ni masih. confusing o tu brg. haha. @christina: huahuahua ya! curiosty surely kills. ekeke. suda sa addd ko tu sna dong! later i go cek ur profile k bebeh! hoho.~