Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Like To Move It, Move It!

FINALLY! I watched Madagascar! HAHA

The Movie was awesome! I dunno about the rest of you, but for me it's not much different from the previous one. They're equally hillarious. I had fun watching it at the cinema with Achul and Lena. The audience wasn't cool though, only a handful that actually laughed throughout the entire movie, that of course, including the three of us. At one time, I burst out laughing(or should I say shrieking? haha) alone at one scene when the whole audience was so quiet. It was embarassing and I think the guy next to me hated me for laughing at every scene. But seriously, he has got to learn to enjoy a good funny movie. I didn't see him laugh for even one time for goodness sake! What a waste. I don't wanna talk about the movie because it'll be a spoiler to those who haven't watched it yet(which you MUST!). *sigh* I don't mind watching the movie twice, that's how much I enjoyed the movie. Glad to have Lena sitting next to me at the cinema because I noticed that we kinda have a chemistry at watching movie at cinema. We would always be so noisy just like just now. Haha. She has exam this coming Thursday, but there's always a room for MADAGASCAR. Haha. Good luck in exam anyway bebeh. I'm very sure you can do it. LENA BAITUH! haha.

And about my jogging mission for yesterday(monday), well I failed. I slept through it. Hahahah. Besides, I think it was raining? alasan... hahaha.

So the moral of the story is: Go watch Madagascar and if you don't find it hilarious, then you suck. LOL. Kidding. But, seriously. hahaha


mEduSa said...

me jeles. enuf said.

christina said...

uwa! madagascar blum smpai sini.. damm.. se pun jeles! cayo2 with the jogging2 thingy bebeh~

Joy said...

haha. pls ppl go watch the movie and laughhhh~~ hahaha

NatheRiot said...

ahaha ok i will watch it bebeh

Masliha Tiwol said...

ada pula da guy nex to u enda laugh?
chris..download ja la da madagascar..
even my roomate ere download..
nda la ko jogging?..
hujan aaa...haha. (tp mmg skrg hujan ja)

Joy said...

hahha. iya ba tu la tu, ujan memanjang~ nda la dpt p jogging*knun* hahhaha

pathetic naye said...

i like to move it move it~!!sa bulum tgukkkk!!

Joy said...

mustiii tingukk gilaaa hahhhaa