Friday, November 14, 2008




Phew~ what a big load off my back. I know for sure I didn't do well for both papers, considering I took all the time I had for granted and didn't really make full use of it to study. Ohhhhh well.....~~~ Although I know I did badly, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. At least I tried all my best(or lack of) during exams. I made sure I didn't stop answering at the 1st hour(2 hours is the duration for each paper) as I always do when my mind crashes to that one block and I go blank. I squeezed my already squeezed puny brain 'til the very last minute until there was already nothing else to squeeze out. When I do that, I feel a slight satisfaction in some ways. So when the results are finally out and I somehow failed(touch wood), at least I wouldn't feel too bad because I've already tried my best during exam(not in term of studying/revising hehe). Anyhoo, that's all. I haven't had any sleep yet since last night and my eyes are now half-open - they're so heavy! and so is my head.

After two disappointing plans to watch Madagascar 2 at the cinema, I really really hope I could watch it anytime soon... maybe tonight? hehe. If not Madagascar, James Bond will do too! There's something about Daniel Craig that's much more attractive than the previous Bonds.

Till then, tata!

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