Monday, November 10, 2008


Yeap. It's a "film" of pics I edited using a cool software called Photoscape, introduced by cousin Dayze. I had fun playing with the animation effect where you compile your photos and turn them into an animation, where it looks something like the stop-motion effect. You may call me outdated for only discovering about this thing now, but at least I know about it now than never right? Hehe. Anyway, I uploaded one of my "animation" of myself on Myspace since Myspace is the only place where the animation works, unlike Friendster and Facebook where picture animation doesn't work.

Oh, and I think the film of pictures above is way too small. You can try clicking on it and enlarge it or whatever to make it bigger so you can see how cute Chris and I are~ awww...~ hahaha.

P/S: I should really be studying for my supplementary exams now. Yes Bloggie, I failed two subjects for my finals. Oh hell,I've just realized. First it was Yearbook Yourself, and now Photoscape? Damn, I have a bad feeling for my supplementary exams later. LOL.

Alritey, sleeping time! Turrah~


mEduSa said...

ojoy! haha. tadi kan sa tlmpau boring2 trus sa try la pg google2 nama org sana, including u. byk sa jumpa oo. ada tjmpa jg psl info ko study sana mmu.

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Electrical


got ur email sana jg.

internet is scary sumtimes.

Joy said...

hahaha. org d mana ko p google? haha. ya mmg ada 2. sda sa pnah p google jg nama sa dlu ahha. mmu directory ba tu. yes, internet is scary. beri denjeres. hahah

christina said...

uuh! uuh! google me!! lol (kasian.. nada info langsung.. se sdh try) hahaha

Joy said...

ahahah ya sa pn suda try. ko pnya nama sungguh anu, FOFULAR klu urg dusun bilang. byk btl results dia hahhaha