Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 6

Today I followed my parents to buy new mattress for my brother, Jerry's bed because of my complaint about the current mattress being too soft which sores my back (I've been sleeping at Jerry's room recently). So mom bought a new super-single mattress for the super-single bed frame which was still kept under the current bed, means that we had yet to set up the bed frame. So mattress was purchased which by the way is a good quality one, and we headed back home to start our little project of setting up the super-single bed frame. Immediately reaching home, I greeted my dogs (as always) and noticed that one of my dogs, Papi's paw was swollen. Picked him up from the bunch and checked it out and found that it had a hole in it which I was pretty sure was a bite hole and now I figured it had maggots on it. I sprayed it with maggots wound spray and true enough, all these small maggots started coming out (ewwww). Not long after that I noticed Papi's hind paw was wet and swollen too, I was hoping it wasn't another maggot wound, and so I checked it and again, it was. The hind paw was worse than the front one. *sigh* Poor dog. Dad and I proceeded to treat both paws which had serious maggot problem (urgh~). Okay yadayadayada, done fixing Papi's paws and off to bed-frame project we went. Set up the bed frame with dad. Dad wanted to keep both beds in that tiny room, but I disagreed and volunteered to disassemble the old bed frame myself and so he agreed. And there I was doing it all alone (which I kinda regretted it at one point lol - it was quite tiring) but the outcome was satisfying. Oh and one of the two drawer chests was taken out too. So more space, more comfortable and now I'm a happy girl. All this work had made me miss mass today. Porgive me. heheh.

And after I was all done with the room, I met up with Natalie at CP to buy my stuff and after that Suria Sabah to buy hers.

There you go my Sunday story. Bye bye for now~ Have a good day tomorrow!

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