Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 8


Things were better at work today although I mainly did other people's chores than actually learning something. I didn't really mind actually because at least I was doing something than nothing. I was practically walking around in the office kinda begging for work or something to get busy with. I got what I wanted which ended up to be photocopying, recording log book, more photocopying, and helped a pregnant staff with re-arranging and transferring her bulk of hardcover files from her cupboard to another cupboard in another room and getting her 6 new hardcovered files and 3 boxes of small sized staple bullets downstairs from Mr. Theobald. Did all that till lunch break at 12.30PM. It's a good thing Mim is nearby which is in Timesquare because I can go lunch with her. I called and picked her up from work and we went to have lunch in Sembulan (soto dia sedap. Jom kita ramai-ramai pegi sana one day kawan-kawan keras). Came back from lunch at 1.40PM, there were only 2 or 3 people in the office. I walked back and forth in the office (it's just a small office) again and couldn't stand it and had to ask somebody about something that's relevant to my internship. So, I asked this one staff who's in charge of estimating (for material costs and so on) since he looked so free as well. He kindly explained few things to me, and gave me a procedure flow chart of customer supply application. Although it wasn't much, I appreciate it a lot nevertheless. Bless that guy. after that, I was back to doing nothing again. Pretty tempted to bail early that day but I was determined to stay until end of office hours and that is exactly what I did and yes I am proud of it. Haha.

On another note, my supervisor has now transferred to Papar so I'm kinda lost as to who is my proper supervisor now. I have this phone interview by my assigned internship lecturer coming up this Thursday or Friday. It's an interview between my supervisor and my lecturer, so since my current supervisor is not around, he was substituted with another engineer (young one). And the fun fact of the day is that this engineer's younger sister is my friend, a junior in MMU. What a small world. For me that was a pleasant surprise, I don't know why exactly but yeah, it was really good to know. Well yes, in conclusion, today was better. Thanks God for listening haha.

Till then, see ya later~ mwah.


missnadira said...

siapa ni the engineer's younger sister??

and sapa lecturer-in-charge kau?

and ayat yg caught my attention the most:So, I called and picked her up from work.
'picked her up'
wahahahaha..masih tak percaya..suda pandai pick ppl up oh dia sekarang..:P:P

Joy said...

HAHHAHA damn you. i knew somebody akan comment, i tried makin it sound as casual as possible ni. nmpknya x menjadi juga. haha. yes i pick ppl up now, certified driver suda haha.

oh yg engineer's sister tu c Fitrah (ex-hsemate net dlu tu). kecik kan dunia. abang dia tua ko setaun ja.

lecturer in charge sy c Y. L. Foo (lupa full name dia. ingt initial dia dr email ja haha)

missnadira said...

ohh..si fitrah pulak..haha kn ex rumet aku kjap dulu..:P

ohh Foo Yee Loo..baik la tu lecturer..:P

hahaha..mana bulih xperasan..wakakaka...bgusla..good por youu.:P:P