Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 2

So today I finished work quite early - around 12pm. We went to do a simple work at one of the houses in Ketiau, Putatan where the house had no electric supply because the service line was detached from the wall. That house area was a mangrove area so mosquitoes were everywhere feeding on our blood while we watched the work being done. It was crazy. The owner of that house was a police guy, a quite jovial guy. He sure can talk alot. While we were smacking the mosquitoes away he kept on saying, wah gembira saya tengok kamu semua gembira betul dtg sini, tepuk-tepuk tangan from inside of his house. lol. He's 54 years old. 2 years shy from retirement but he did not look like his age at all. We told him that and he said, exercise bah exercise. Payah kalau tidak exercise kalau polis. - tell that to most of the pot bellied policemen I saw before this lol. He's a good man full of conviction, lifted up my otherwise boring mood that time.

Other than that, nothing interesting happened, it was a pretty lazy and unproductive day I must say. I drove back and watched TV until the two big bosses came back from town and had some tarap with them. lol. After that off to bed I went. What was supposed to be a short nap turned into a long one. Well there's no such thing as long nap as what a friend told me last time. A long nap is practically sleeping. I kinda agree with that. So yeah anyway, I slept from 3.30 till 6.30pm. Woke up twice in between - head was pretty heavy and pening. And here I am now. Oh gosh, I need to be more productive. Geesh.

Pictures from today's work:

Till then, ciao!

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