Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 9

I am quite drained from doing nothing at work today. It was cold and I fell asleep few times, couldn't fight it as always. I hate that I can't control my sleepy head. Well my morning was kick-start with helping out my supervisor to get him the schematic diagram for Feeder 6 AB (from Kepayan Main Intake or M/I) on the computer and print it out. One lady estimator which I think her name is Suhana showed me where to get the diagram, and Andrew (a Tecnical Assistant) helped me to print it.

Done with that, I retreated back to my borrowed desk (originally Suhana's desk but she recently sits at another desk) and tried to do something useful. So I read through some papers which were given to me yesterday. Finished it and back to doing nothing, I wouldn't let it go on any longer so I went to the Lady Boss's room and asked for a handbook which she had shown to me the first time I came to that unit. The book is called Electricity Supply Application Handbook (EHSA). It's a good book, full of informations and very useful. I only managed to read through it thoroughly for the first 5 or 8 pages when my eyes started to droop down and terjuling-juling because I was too damn sleepy. I took a nap when it got very hard to control. Continued reading through the book after the nap but with less focus. I was getting impatient and couldn't stop looking at the clock. I was practically monitoring the clock every 5 mins. What a torture.

I was getting hungry because I didn't have any breakfast which was my fault. 12PM I bailed and went to lunch with Mim again, this time at Kak Nong's opposite Timesquare just across the road. Had lunch, went back to office heavy heartedly and again continue monitoring the clock to strike 5PM. In the meantime, my supervisor called me into his office and tried to explain what are the procedures for applying electricity supply for capital or big developments. He asked me to get him a document at the files store room. Andrew assisted me to it and told me that the store room was haunted even in broad day light. I thought he was kidding so I just brushed it off but turned out he wasn't when I asked him seriously since he kept on mentioning it. I didn't really feel scared though but facinated instead, maybe because I was already too bored and that kinda story only lightens up my mood. Haha. So yeah about the document, searched it through in these 2 thick files but to no avail. Got back to my supervisor but he was busy for the longest time I waited and got fed up and again retreated back to my desk and forget it all at once. I started doing my report to kill the time instead.

I bailed at 4.45PM.

That's all folks,

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