Monday, January 1, 2007

Exam Fever

Dear blog,

I'm getting a bit fed-up of studying. I'm the kind of person who easily gets tired and bored of studying, especially for something that doesn't interest me. I've been going to the library to study for the the whole week non-stop and it's wearing me out. I've just finished revising calculus, and haven't even started on my Physics yet and exam is another 2 more days. I've a feeling that I'm gonna screw up during exam. *sigh*.. and the worse thing now is, I don't feel like studying anymore. I'm sick of it. urgh. Maybe it'd be different if I were at least interested to study the subjects. God, help me. Help me get my momentum back. It's just hard for me to start again once I've started to laze around even if only for a short while. urgh...Quantum Physics. Radioactivity. Electronvolt. oh my goodness...frankly speaking, I really don't have any idea for any of those topics. Too complicated for a simple mind like mine. *sigh*. I know it's not nice to complain. I myself don't like to listen at people who like to complain. It irritates me. I could complain to my roomate if I want to, but since I know how irritating I would sound like to her, I just spare her aggravation and just complain it all out here. I can go on complaining and rambling like this but I guess it wouldn't do me any good. So, I better go study my Physics now. Hope I won't fail. I'm doing all this for my parents' sake. I dont' wanna dissapoint them as I love them with all my heart. If it weren't because of them, I woulda backed out a long time ago. God help me, give me the strength. Make me wise, guide me please. I'm not asking much, just at least let me pass. I only wanna get this over with A.S.A.P!

Then I'll be flying back home again...~ aahh...the comforting thought of home. Just thinking of home is sufficient enough to motivate me to study. OK! STUDY TIME! huahua..~


till then, ciao bloggy.

Ms. Frustration

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