Monday, September 22, 2008

Exam Schedule

Dear Blog,

Final exam is just around the corner - in about two weeks' time.
I have just only got the exam schedule from a friend few minutes ago.
Since I am lazy to copy it down on a piece of paper and might eventually lose or misplace it, I think I best post it up here then. It is now immortalized in the cyberworld. Unless, if blogger decided to shut this website down or somebody deleted my account. Now that would be a sure goner - not only for my exam schedule, but also to my whole BLOG. hahahaha sedihnya. OK, 'nuff said.

This is my exam schedule:

07th Oct '08: Engineering Mathematics III(EEM2036)
09th Oct '08: Circuits and Signals(ECT2036)
10th Oct '08: Basic Economics, Accounting, Management(BHM2046) ; Electromagnetic Theory(EMG2016)
16th Oct' 08: Microcontroller and Microprocessor Systems
17th Oct' 08: Moral Studies(MPW2153)

Not really sure if this is the finalized exam schedule, but it is all that I got now. Will just make do with it for now(but I'm pretty sure this has been finalized). I'm taking six subjects for this semester by the way.

Wish me all the best and pray that I stop being a lazy bum and get this big ass start working on the books! huhuhu~

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