Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My mind got creative after looking back at the yearbook photos and writing about them in my previous entry. I thought up of a story and the girl in my yearbook photos is the main character. So here is how the story goes..

Some time after she had a make-over to her look in 1962, she finally found her prince charming that swept her feet away easily as plastic bags blown away by the wind or like dust bunnies being swept by an angry mom. *swooosh!*

And that prince charming is non other than this guy:
Her knight in shining armor

However, before she met her knight in shining armor, she used to be with another guy who was also known to be a playa(if ya noe wud I mean). That jerk used her and played with her feelings. She was his fool at that time. He was treating her so bad but she did not even realize it; he would ask her to clean his toilet, cook for his dogs, sing for his fish, catch a fly, and many more. And she would actually do all of that out of "love". Yes, a blind girl she was indeed. They finally broke up after the guy hooked up with her big-boobed neighbour next door. Few months after that, the guy was found dead after trying to copulate with the big-boobed girlfriend in the cramped backseat of his car and suffocated himself in the girl's breasts. The funny thing was, the girl did not even realized that her boyfriend was struggling for air at that time.
Moral of the story is, big breasts have killing potential. Especially, to jerks like that guy.

Anyway, this is how the good-to-be-dead ex looks like:
After she heard of the news of her dead ex. a slight smirk curved her lips. Somehow, she felt free and victorious. Probably because of the bad memories she had with that jerk ex of hers.

Forgetting the past, she lived happily ever after, growing old and grey with her other half up until today..


"day by day you are starting to grow more and more in me. You are becoming a big part of my life now.. you are indeed my other half. Whatever it is,
aku ka ke nuan "

My conscience: you're really shouldn't be doing this now. What you should do is STUDY.

conclusion: Joyce's creativity is going linearly with exam time. The closer exam is, the more creative she gets.

Shiet, exam is such an ass.


Amy Ajak said...

haha.. ko ni kan.. hehe i knew it was u when u mention JOYCE.


i followed u oso!!
oh ya bah~
presentation bikin takut.
lagi2x if it was individual. haha!
misshh ya girl.

Joy said...

hahahha! weepee u knew it was me! ahhaha dogok ni ba. akkaa.

miss u too dong~!