Monday, September 22, 2008


Instead of spending my time on studying, I spent many hours doing this:

In 1960, I used to have curls and fringe

HAHA. I made this photo in Yearbook Yourself. Got this website from a friend after going through her own "Marilyn Monroe-ish" photo in her Friendster profile. It's pretty neat! Hoho

The photo reminds me of my primary school discipline teacher, Puan Linda. Oh wait, or maybe that chubby(could be considered as fat too) teacher which I forgot the name. I think it's Ms Julia? hurm.. nah, don't think that's correct. But I heard her skirt zipper was often left open. She never taught me before actually, only my friends.

Anyway, I look like an annoying aging and kiasu-looking down-syndrome lady who is trying to look smart with those specs. Haha.

. . .Two years later. . .

In 1962, my fringe grew longer and I straightened my whole hair and made it puffy. Oh, and took care of the ugly-betty specs too.

I look like a silly shaved ape with big blonde hair. Or a girl with a coconut hair.

....or a dude with a wig



love said...

whats with the year book ha..

Joy said...

p la cek. u can edit ur photo into retro look like mine! smart! hahha

i n d e n said...


lemme guess. ko dpat ni dari si amy ka? wanted to check since that day but malas ja ni.

anyways, u're in the 60s is da bomb! ahahah. mo termuntah balik the food i splurged earlier on today gara2 laughing so hard! hahahaha.


Joy said...

yaaa..dr c amy la. hahahha. smart kn gbr2 ku! c bart pnya pn smart. ngam ni. siap blh jadi nigga lai. hahhahha

love said...

no la malas saya mau edit...coz now banyak org buat kan..i no like to follow..eahahha

Joy said...

hhaahha.. fine.. suit urself.~ hmph. haha

love said...

wahahahaha....panas sendiri ni...lek lek..take a chill pill..haihhhhhh joy gila

Joy said...

aik ada reply pla. hahah. kau la gila. sa cool. hahha