Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Addiction

Well Bloggie, Nat has been talking a lot about Brody Dalle to me. And now I am obsess with her. In case you didn't know, Brody Dalle is the vocalist for The Distillers. Most of you might also didn't know that the band still exists(knew this from Nat's blog - which I never knew existed before until just now. hmmm.) and also Brody has her own "project band" called Spinnerette(also knew this from Nat). Basically, Nat has brainwashed me into obsessing over this band, and not to sound lesbo or anything, but I couldn't get enough of Brody Dalle. She's freakin' HOT! LOL. Seriously, you should go check her out on Youtube or just google her up, whatever. She's got what I call the most ideal body ever!

Alright Joy.. moving on.. haha

Anyway, Spinnerette has officially released their first single from their upcoming album. It's called "Valium Knights". I've been playing this song countless times already, although I've just got to know about it few hours ago. There's just something MAGNETIC about it the first time I listened to it. I still don't have the song in my laptop yet(waiting for Nat to give it to me ;p), but I'm just gonna post up the song clip(with lyrics!) which I found on Youtube.

Here's the lyrics in case you wanna take a look:

Valium Knights - Spinnerette

Harvey Oswalds' dead and gone
He took the last train out of town
One minute man has cocked his load
Yes baby, rooster on parole

Fall into an abyss
Won't you give me, just one last kiss
Valium knights in my bed
Only now, he's a vagrant in my head
Golden love is holding on
Holding onto what we had before

JFK's sun went down
He left the thorns of fallen crown
Marilyn Monroe's come I'll swallow
She is the guts, the glory, sorrow

I'll take it all, give me more
I will be your hero and your whore
Valium knights in my bed
Only now, he's a vagrant in my head
Golden love is holding on
Holding onto what we had before
Loneliness, twilights gone
I don't understand where we went wrong

Other song which I'm listening to a lot as well is: The Hunger - The Distillers
Check it out..

Oh, and one more thing, Brody Dalle reminds me a lot of Kurt Cobain. But in a woman form.

and sometimes Courtney Love too.. but Courtney Love is just plain NASTY.. so cancel her out.

and by the way, do any of you ever watched the series "The L Word"? Well if you ever, Brody reminds me of Shane, or her real name, Katherine Moennig, too.

and since Nat said Katherine Moennig reminded her of Meg Ryan, then I must say that Meg Ryan looks a bit like Brody too..

oh oh, and if you've heard of the band Automatic Loveletter, Nat said the vocalist looked and even sounded like Brody.. I kinda agree too.

AND... I think, Hayley Williams from Paramore also looks like her. Well, I dunno 'bout you, but she does for me. Maybe it's their eyes. hmm...


NatheRiot said...

LOL! haha byk comparison of women gaaa the L word is floating in my head hahahaha.

Joy said...

hahahahha. tu la tu! ouh no.. tercemar suda minda c nat. ahhaha.