Friday, October 10, 2008

God Is A Good God!

Haha. Not being holy and all, but just now I was browsing through the internet for any hymns or christian spiritual songs to help me "lift up" my semangat to study in this very early morning. And I stumbled upon this clip. It's very uplifting! And it's also SO cool because songs are sung in so many MANY different languages.. by a black dood!(don't mean anything racist about it) Amazing. Anyway, here's the clip. Watch it, and you'll know what I mean. ENJOY~~

God is a good God!~~ yesss... help me in exam later on PLEASE! LOL.


You-Know-Who said...

wow. He is good. Freakin' good. I got goosebumps all over. haha.

Joy said...

THAT'S why~! me too!