Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Heyya! Interested to know a new blog(it's on blogger, so it's a blog then right?) to visit? Check out

It talks about alota things. from celebrities, entertainments to trivial things that you wouldn't have known before. Try give it a look, I can safely say that it is an interesting website and also very informative. By the way, that blog is authored by a number of people which I only know a few of them. When multiple brains join forces, it has to be a great work then. So, please do give it a visit! Enjoy!


THE SHEZ said...

Hi Joyce.
Thankyou so much!

THE SHEZ said...
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Joy said...


Anonymous said... ja bt ba 2 joy..hahalek ko..
sy mo tkr layout lg xda ms..
jd bla sy sdh jmpa layout yg sy link la smua..hehe sbr ah.tggu hbs xm sy dlu. 18nov. cnt wait!! hehe

Joy said...

hahah, kau ni, bagus2 sa sda kasi sdia tu cbox d tepi, mau jua dia komen d cni. hahah. tp x mengapa, sa tau ko kebaruan, sa paham. hahahhha. bah nti klu ko suda jmpa layout yg ko sinta, link ja sa n dun porget to mention it to me. hoho~