Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday BAPA KU

yup, it's my dad's birthday. He's now turned ...erm.... *taking a calculator to count*... 


huahua! All this while I thought it was 56. Haha. Anyways, I called him up at 12 just now to wish him. Seems like he was having some beer with his siblings, and earlier this evening he called me to check up on me, and he told me that when I come back home this 18th October(yes, I'm coming home soon baybeh~ haha), he'd already be in Sandakan - he's accepted the offer to work for the company for another year despite the fact that he had already extended one year previously. I want him to rest already actually. When I asked him why he had accepted the offer, I already knew what he was going to say. It's 'coz I'm still studying. I feel soooo guilty. Oh well, at least he's not paying for my tuition fees. Phew~ haha.

Well, anyhow.. 


Have fun BBQ-ing at home~! Sad I can't be there. Huhuh.
Love ya dy~


i n d e n said...

ooo...dorang daddy ada buat "session" dirumah? pppfftt~

hey hey. check out my post for dadi also. kikikiki..


Joy said...

adaaa.. hmph2..~ slalu sa miss o bbq d ruma. pntat btl. ok akan ku cek.

dopeymooke said... too me too.....ciittt...matila klu daddy pandai p baca blog2 kita suma/...hahahahaha.....KUYAAKKKKK!!!

Joy said...

hahhaha ya ba..

christina said...

Happy bday uncle!!! se pun slalu miss ni kununn.. *penyibuk* kekeke ;p

Joy said...

hahhahah. nti sa kasi kirim tu wish sma dadi sa aa. blh ja kalo ko~ haha