Sunday, October 19, 2008

Welcome Home

Dear Bloggie,

I'm back at home for holidays now. Touched down at around 10 something last night.

Was pretty tired because of lack of sleep - I was hooked on playing game I recently learned how to play until 7am(WARCRAFT III! Still a noob though. LOL). Had to meet Sis Grace at 9 that morning. After seeing her, went back to sleep at 11am 'til 1pm, I think. Woke up, finish up packing a bit more. Cook some rice for lunch, and cleaned my room and the house while waiting for the rice cooker's "warming" indicator to light up from "cooking". Asked Mr Daling-ku-sayang to take my clothes at the laundry shop downstairs and buy a can of sardins(for lunch. lol). Rice wasn't cooked yet, so I continued on cleaning the house. And when I say house, it's more like the living room because my place is quite small. So the only areas for me to do some quick cleaning are the kitchen and living room. But since the kitchen already looked pretty clean to me, so only left with the living room =p. Nothing much to do really, just a matter of sweeping and arranging things back in their places neatly. Halfway cleaning, my Daling-ku-sayang arrived with the sardins and I went straight to the kitchen and got miself busy; putung2 sayur and bawang smpai nangis2. HAHAHA. seriously. I was sobbing like mad. Damn you onions. Anyway, skipping all the details(like I should have done much earlier lol), the kitchen result is a Nasi Goreng Sardin! ahaha. The rice was so damn much(thanks to someone, he had to scoop out the whole rice cooker) that we were struggling to finish it up. Gahh.. but I gave most of it to him. Served him right. Haha. There's a picture I took of him with his hill of rice but I don't have it with me, oh well~ Finished lunch, went to take a sh0wer to cleanse all the sweats and the onion smell off me. Felt so salty that time like a ikan masin. After that, continued cleaning the living room. I know I know, shoulda done the cleaning before showering, but I couldn't take it anymore that time, I needed a shower badly. Cleaning up my room was much more tiring than the living room. So there you go. Well blah blah blah... done with all the cleaning and packing, changed my clothes and went straight to the airport. It was already 5 and my flight was at 7.30pm. And mind you, I was going to the airport by public transports.Thus, longer time required. I thought I couldn't make it in time to check in, but thank God everything was smooth sailing..~ phew. Met up with Lat at the airport and checked in. And guess what, I had to pay an extra RM15 during check-in 'cause my luggage overweighted for a kilo. Oh, and plus the "luggage handling fee" which was RM10. So the total amount I had to pay was RM25. Pui~ sakit hati btul. Didn't bring that much money(teda duit actually ahaha), so Bart had to pay some of it. Sowie dong~ Boarded the plane at 7 something and off we go to the Land Below The Wind! Lat and I watched new Russell Peters' New York act(2008). Damn funny. We were laughing like asses inside the plane where most of the people were sleeping. They were probably cursing us behind. LOL. Watched Love Guru too but didn't get to finish it because we were almost home! HOHOH~ touched down and thus, Home. hehe. So there you go, my not-so-interesting day. Dunno why I'm even blogging it down. Maybe 'coz now I've nothing to do and bored to death at home so I have all the time I need to do whatever I want to and in my case it's online and TV haha. I need a life.

P/S: Going off to Sandakan to join my dad tomorrow. Not sure if they got internet connection there. But, we'll see. Never been to Sandakan before, so I'm pretty excited. haha.


Jerry said...

Oowwhh...Bart pula nama dia!
Awwww... my little girl's all grown up *sniffle*

Joy said...

haha. cilaka ko jerry! smpat lagi menguluk. haha