Monday, October 6, 2008

My Soul Soothers...

**Take 5 from last-minute study**

I love Sarah McLachlan. She has one of the sweetest and soothing voices ever... it might be different for others, but her voice is just my cup of tea for a good easy-listening song. Whenever I listen to any of her slow numbers, it just relaxes and soothes me until deep in my soul. It's not just because of the melodies.. but the lyrics as well. They calm and even open up my eyes to the things around us. Different songs make me think about different things.. Let me just break it down some to you..

"Angel" and "I Will Remember You"
These songs remind me of those that we love who have left us for the after-life... and also, I plan to have these songs played for my funeral too(not being emo here. Just saying what's on my mind). Maybe I have these thoughts for these songs because of the movie "City of Angels" too? The song "Angel" is one of the OST's. Love that movie.

"World on Fire"
This song makes me think about the world today; all the sufferings that are happening right under our nose but we just don't realize it, or realize it but can't or don't really do much about it to help. The videoclip is the main factor why my eyes are open to these sorts of things. It shows exactly the things that we take for granted - be it big or small things, which could mean a lot and make a huge difference to the underprivileged women, men and children in other troubled and underdeveloped countries. ===> whoah... gila la si Ojoi. Brabis ba. haha

"Ice Cream"
And this number on the other hand is about love.. the tune of this song just makes me sway and daze to my own little world.. or even puts me to sleep. It's a very short song but nice enough to relax to... nothing negative in this one. =p

Well those are some of my favourites from Sarah McLachlan.
There are Aussie chick, Missy Higgins and talented Scottish lass, KT Tunstall too that could bright up my day or make my relaxing time worthwhile.

Missy Higgins:
"10 Days"
"The River"

KT Tunstall:
"Universe and U"
"Suddenly I See"
"Stoppin' The Love"(check out her awesome live acoustic performance for this song)
"Silent Sea"(nice slow song)
"Other Side of The World"
"Heal Over"(I heart)

Okay, there are still many other great artists with great nice songs out there... but I've yet to discover them. hehe. Try checking out Yael Naim too. Her songs are not bad either.

Last but not least, a live performance by KT Tunstall for Jackson Five's "I Want You Back". AWESOME.

Alritey, back to books again *sigh*

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Jeanette Chau said...

heyyy!!!! Long time no see!!! How are u doing?? hehehe.. Yup still with JH.. quite long juga la.. haha