Sunday, October 5, 2008


No Bloggie... not "Pons" as in Pondans~ haha. It's actually referring to the most well known and ever scary "lady ghost" in Asia.. or Southeast Asia? In Malaysia la pendek kata... it's the..


*jeng jeng jeng*

or Puntianak as we Sabahans call it. LOL.
Hereinafter, I shall refer it as Pons.

Well anyway, I was browsing through Youtube the other day(don't I always? haha), no, actually, it was Bart browsing through Youtube, and found a clip about Pons. He showed it to me, and I watched it... bear in mind that it was already around 4am that time. It's a home-video someone took at his home in Sandakan. He didn't intend to capture a footage of a Pons or whatsoever, but coincidentally the Pons was there(uuuuu~~~ *jeng jeng jeng* again. hahaha).

I've seen many ghost-sighting clips before(kinda a freak for this sorta thing =p), and to tell you the truth, there's not many that looked real to me. I did found some quite convincing videos though. Anyway, this Sandakan Pons video freaked me out in some ways. It could easily be deemed as fake 'coz really, it doesn't look like much effort needed to make the Pons just like the one in the video. BUT, still, it looks real to me. Probably you need to watch it yourself. It's just a short clip and I'ma post it up here. But before anything, I'd like to warn for those with faint hearts not to watch it. (eseh... mcm lebih2 ja ba haha)

And here comes the horror...... WHORE-ROARRRRRR... hahahah sempat lagi...

Pontianak in Sandakan

"hai slipar.." ---> lawak eh. haha. "pukul ampat lima minit" "Eish, si bui mana? tidur pula c bui ni, buring nya"

hahahaha.. klasik eh cara drg ckp. Sabah abis ni ba. hahaha

ba, about the video, it's up to you to what do you wanna make of it. huahua~



dayum shit. Guess what, I was talking to my housemate about the video just now and she told me about another Pons video on Youtube. But, this time it's in Melaka. This one is a hair-raiser, coz you can actually hear the Pons crying... and it is damn scary, I tell you. Think you should take a look at it.

AGAIN, warning to faint-hearted people. This is a pretty scary shit.

Pontianak Menangis di Jambatan Pulau Gadong - Melaka

brr...heard that high-pitched cry almost like a squeal of a banshee? I dunno 'bout you, but that video sends chills down my spine. DAMN.


dopeymooke said...

errr....1st video kinda freaked me out a lil...but 2nd feel eh...cos vid was too blur...and i dun know wht the hell was i looking at...2nd the 'crying' sound, kinda sounded pretty fake nearing the end of the clip..cos there's one very short sounded like the 'pons' were trying reeeaally hard not to laugh...ahakss

NatheRiot said...

Hahaha yang first video sy pernah tgk! gila haha
I don't wanna play the second one. I am one of the faint hearted.hahaha

Joy said...

hoho yg 2nd one tu sa masih kambang blu o tgk.. cilaka btl. tp sa pn xtau actly pa sa tgk.. kain terbang2 haha. wahhaha talie! ko mimanggg... ! nti la kta tgk sma2 hahhaa

i n d e n said...

ala...speaking of these pons vids kan...i stumbled upon one vid ba dulu in youtube..cant recall pa nama sudha la..but that was one of the scariest shiets ive watched so far ni...

anyways, sia kasi cerita ja la.mau juga share ni ahhaha.

the vid was taken by these bunch of armed forces..but ndatau la dorang armed that time or not. (then again, sia kurang pasti apa punya force la..mungkin pulis? guards? bomba? askar? alaaa...those uniform punya urg la kekee)

anyhows...they were on guard that time (think its in singapore). guessed there were just bored, and one of the person started to take vid pakai hp la i guess considering the poor quality of d vid haha. siok2 dorang take vid kan. then suddenly ada bunyi prmpuan ketawa mengilai from afar ni...trus dorang macam tercari2 la...trus satu kali kan the cam person TERtunjuk his hd towards the "lady" ni..lari lintang pukang ba semua! kucut tontolo* dorang wakakakakak..

the "lady" was standing just few feet from them ni.

lapas sia tgk kan, maki hamun bah sia..trus stop looking for pons video hahahaha.

moral of the story, p lah ko cari the vid. wakakakka.


Joy said...

wahah sial.. mcm familiar o ni crita. mcm dlm singapore ghost story pnya buku. haha. nti sa cri knun.. under pulis/guards/armed forces in singapore. haha

dopeymooke said...

bah capat p cari and post lg sini..sia mo tinguk...

Joy said...

xda paa2 tu. buruk yg c inden ckp 2. mcm budu ja. xda2 ni c inden mo tkt. hahhah