Monday, January 8, 2007

Home, I'm Coming...

Dear blog,

at 6.20pm tomorrow I'll be flying home. Yes, that's my flight for tomorrow. Can't wait. But I'm not as eager to go home this time as I was on my last semester break. But still, I can't wait to go back home. There's no place like home they say, and I second that. By the way, I just bought a rather HUGE hiking bag to bring home tomorrow. Imagine an already plumped girl with an average asian height(which is quite short) carrying a huge hiker's backpack. That's quite an amusing picture if you'd ask me. Oh well, who really cares right? As long as I get to bring all the things I want to bring home. That's all that really matters.

I'll be flying home with Mel and Lat and who knows there might be others, probably Mel or Lat's friends. As for me, I'm pretty sure I didn't bring anyone to come with us. Unlike last time, we're gonna take our flight from Johor airport. Just to try something new, but Lat and I think that maybe next year we'll just stick to KL airport; less fuss. In the meantime, I haven't finished packing because one of my pants hasn't dried yet. Have to wait for it to dry first, and only then I can complete my packing(I know, I know. Sounds like a cover up for my plain laziness). As you can see, I like to dilly-dally things. I admit that. No surprise there, been like that since I dunno when. I do realize it's not a good attitude to cultivate though. Therefore, I think I should add my New Year's resolution list with "Stop being a procrastinator and a lazy bum". hehe. I'll try to work on that. Seriously, I will.

Moving on. Our agenda for tomorrow will start in the morning. Our bus will take off at 10.30am and that means waking early in the morning to catch the bus. Then, Mel said that Melaka-Johor ride was gonna take around 3 hours or so. After that, she said that we had to take another bus to take us to the airport and that ride was gonna be about an hour or more. I dunno, but since she's the experience, I'll just have to assume that everything she's said is true. Mel and Lat has estimated the time taken for all those rides before reaching Johor airport(I practically didn't do anything, it was them who did all the estimations, calculations and so on. Guess they didn't really trust my sense of judgement, and I don't blame them. Besides, they're the elder ones-me still shmall ;p). We're gonna reach the airport around 4pm or 5pm. Then check in and just wait for the boarding time. wuhu~!! and maybe while waiting, we're gonna just chill and take a drink or even have an early dinner(that's actually my idea, dunno about them though). All right then, I think that's all. Can't wait for tomorrow. More updates coming during the holidays(...maybe? ;p)

tata bloggie~

Ms. Excited

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