Thursday, January 4, 2007


Dear blog,

finally... the 2nd paper(Calculus) is history. Just another one more left. Physics II. Till that day came, I'm just gonna talk about my Calculus paper for today. Well, I think I did ok, at least I didn't leave many blank, unanswered spaces. BUT, I can't be too confident yet as most people said that it was hard. I couldn't stop saying my prayers during exam. haha. It was kinda pathetic of me when I come to think about it. Well, I was desperate ok and still is. In the meantime, as usual, Miss lil-Lazy-Ass here haven't started doing her Physics revision for today. Seriously man, I am so tired of doing revision. I had to stay up late last night until around 3am just to do a last-minute Calculus revision and the exam was gonna be at 9am. Imagine just how little I slept for exam(but still can't beat Mel and Lat's record for not sleeping the whole night before their paper). I was very drowsy during exam but I managed to pull through. wuhu~ and now here I am, blogging and have been online since noon and now it's already about half an hour to 3pm. You see how indiscipline I am? *sigh* temptations man..I blame it on temptations. I'm telling's hard to resist them. Too good to pass up the chance. hahahaha.. Joy, Joy..when are you ever gonna change? hey, old habits die hard OH-KAY! what da heck? I'm answering my own question. Goodness... I'm telling you, this is what exam week does to you. They drive you out of that little "sane" box in that head of yours. Wokie-dokie, it's time to sleep. Sleep first, study afterwards. hahahahahaha... phew, I'm mentally and physically exhausted..better go now.

Another one more left! ONE MORE!!

Oh and before that, I just wanna let you know that I've already watched the leaked video of Sadam's hanging just now. I got goosebumps watching it. Now that he's finally gone, I don't think it's the right decision to kill him. Heck, I never thought of it as the right decision from the very beginning. He was hanged during Aidiladha summore! I don't blame them Sunni Arabs for getting furious. That's just plain irrespectful. They coulda just let him live for a couple more days and go celebrate with his family for one last time. Hey, I'm not saying that I'm siding him or anything, it's just not right for me. Anyways, personally, I think putting him on a life-sentence is better. At least let him suffer for what he did. Hanging him to death is like being too easy on him. But of course, the after-life would be hell. And now the act only provoked the bad more than the good. They just pulled the trigger for more war break-outs. C'mon Bush, you should know better.

Watched the video on and here's the link: Saddam's Last Moments...

Not sure how long the video is gonna remain there because it's an unauthorized video. So, I think it won't be long before they take them(the video is all over the internet man!) down.

and here's the report about the unauthorized video:
Saddam Execution Video Leads to Arrests

OK, turrah~

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