Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Welcome Home

Dear Blog,

sorry for the delay. I couldn't get through my blog last night. I planned to blog out my arrival first thing when I reached home, but then to no avail. Thus, all the coming-home-excitements are gone.

Anyway, our plane safely landed on Terminal 2's airport at about 8.40PM, almost 9PM.
There was quite a bit of delay when getting our luggage back. Lat's family was already outside waiting for her, and Mel, her sister, while waiting for our luggage. My parents were the ones who was to fetch me up, but they were just on their way. Therefore, I was left to wait for my parents all alone, for Lat and Mel were long gone. But it didn't actually took a long time for my parents to fetch me. So, I was not upset. hehe.

Reached home, kissed all my dogs, took a shower, had dinner, continued on reading the Sidney Sheldon's If Tomorrow Comes, and onlined until 3.30AM. At first I was excited to be home, but then that excitement soon faded away due to exhaustion and the thought that I don't have all my friends to get crazy with. But still, there was Jerry.

That's the end of my welcome-home.

As for today, I met up with Jerry and Awang at Kedai Jawa, our favourite hangout spot during highschool, for brunch. After so long I finally met up with Jerry. She was sooooo cute!! her face was puffier but her figure maintained slim. Felt like pinching her two round cheeks. haha. As for Awang, he didn't change from the last time we met, which was during Raya last year. After Kedai Jawa, we went to our former highschool to check on our SPM certificate. But found out that it will only be out around this end of year. Devastated, we dragged ourselves out. But before we could do that, our former teacher saw us and I accidentally saw her as well, and gestured to Jerry and Awang of the teacher's presence. Out of politeness, we went and greeted her(we coulda just pretended we didn't see her coz our backs were facing her, but then stupid me saw her). Then, as usual, the typical conversation between a former highschool student and its former teacher began and consequently, the FAQ of "where are u schooling now?", "what course you taking", "why didn't you go (somewhere somewhere)?", and so on by the former highschool teacher. Nevertheless, the conversation went by fleetingly. Thank goodness.

After that, we left the school and went to the stationary shop as jerry wanted to buy an envelope for Lynna's handphone. Yes, wanted to post Lynna's hp to Labuan because Lynna asked her to. Personally, for me, that sounded a bit irrational. Who would want his/her hp to be posted out in an envelope? and not to mention a VERY expensive hp. At least, send it in a box or something. LMC is going to have a one-week break soon and she could just wait until that day come to get the hp from Jerry. But who am I to judge. hehe. It's not mine anyways. Yup, sounded so selfish. Hate that sometimes.

Anyhoo, while Jerry and Awang were at the stationary shop, I went to say a quick hi to Sally, my classmate back in highschool, at her shop, which was just next to the stationary shop and in front of our old highschool. She didn't change much in terms of attiitude. Still the shy ol' Sally. haha. She was still sweet as before. Didn't talk much as she had things to do. After Jerry got her envelope, Awang left us for home a few minutes later. He wanted to catch up with the bus before the school kids got out and crowd the bus station. And plus, he had a stomachache. Then, it was left with me and Jerry.

A guy was to bring Jerry out around this time now. She didn't wanna go alone with him and asked me or more like begged me to go with her. But I said no. Then, the guy finally arrived to fetch her up and I was about to go home until Jerry asked him whether or not he could send me home as she pitied me for the trouble of getting on a bus to go home. I think that was just her excuse of wanting me to get in the car with them. haha. He said yes but I declined the offer. But Jerry insisted and I gave in. To tell you the truth, I was embarrassed but just kept cool. It was the least I could do for her after feeling guilty of not accompanying her to go with him. Turned out, it was OK and Jerry finally got the chance to see where I live after so long of being friends. She even used my toilet. hahaha.

I said my thank-you to the guy and bid farewell to Jerry.
Nothing special for this day but glad to finally see her.
And FYI, the guy was not her bf. Just a mutual friend. Jerry alrady has a bf.

So that's my story for last night and my long, detailed story for today.


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