Sunday, January 14, 2007

Carmelite Convent

Dear blog,

as you know, I got home from melaka on last Tuesday. On Thursday I decided to follow my dad to Keningau(my dad was transferred to Keningau for work). We would be going back KK on Saturday. In Keningau, I basically lazed around. I caught up with so many movies. In fact, I did a 2-day-movie-marathon. After the movie marathon, I continued on reading a Sidney Sheldon novel, which I was close to finishing.

Thursday flown by..
gone Friday..
and came Saturday.

We left the house in Keningau at about 10 A.M something. Went to have breakfast and headed home. But before heading home, I requested my father to go see the carmel in Tambunan. The carmel was quite deep into the hills and we had to go through a bumpy ride to reach it because of the untarred road. When we finally got there, we went straight to the Grotto.

There was not a soul there. Only the beautiful statue of Mother Mary with her palms pressed against each other to form the usual praying gesture, a big string of rosary beads hung on her right hand. There was a small amphitheatre overlooking the grotto and a small bridge connecting the amphitheatre to the grotto. And not forgetting a small stream of river just below the grotto. The place is so serene that I was overwhelmed with a sense of calmness throughout my being there.

I took some pictures there and took a time alone to pray infront of the grotto while my father went to take some more pictures. I looked up at the Blessed Mother's caring face and felt warm inside. I said some prayers and few drops of tears rolled down my cheek. I wasn't very sure why that happened, but my heart felt tingly and an overwhelming mixed of sensations. But, there was a thing or two that I was thingking and praying about that have contributed to those tears.

Before leaving, I sat for awhile at the amphitheatre looking at the grotto. Then, headed back to the car. I hoped She heard my prayer, I thought. Would like to go there again someday.

We finally reached home around 3 or 4 in the evening safe and sound.

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