Friday, January 5, 2007


Weeeeepeee bloggie!!

FINALLY! My exam is finished! woohooo~!
Now I can LAZE around as much as I want to, you know why?
because it's HO-LEE-DAE! har har har..

For this semester break, I plan to try and make the full out of it as my previous semester break kinda sucked; I just sat at home, fed the dogs, cleaned the dogs' "home", bathed the dogs(it's like I devoted myself to my dogs for that holiday), watched TV, onlined for hours untill my ass went numb, etc and repeating all of them again and again everyday. What a waste. Hope this time will be a bit better. But it's hard to enjoy my holiday without friends. FRIENDS are the ones who always make my outings interesting. Most of my friends are studying at Labuan Matriculation College but when they're on their holidays, we in MMU are on our study week. Urgh. It'll be the same case when I go back home this Tuesday. There will only be a few of my good friends left in KK. The rest are at LMC or at their respective colleges and universities in Peninsula Malaysia. Dammit. This is what you get when studying in private uni. The holiday timings are not synchronized with public education institutions'. Consequently, I always get left out when my friends do gatherings back at home. Not fair. But no worries, I'll be meeting up with my LMC friends soon. They will have a break on the 19th(or 18th) and in the meantime, I'm looking forward to meet Jerry! She's one of my good friends who's studying in Australia and now she's back in KK for holiday after being in Aussie for so long!(well aboout a year or so to be exact hehe). Hope I could see her in time because she's heading to KL on the 11th or 12th and will spend the rest of her holiday there and will head straight back to Australia afterwards. *sigh* wish she could stay a bit longer. But nevermind, I'm just glad that she's still gonna be there when I come back home later this Tuesday. At least we still can meet up right?

Meanwhile, since I still have like about 4 more days before I fly back home, I plan to explore Malacca. Well, of course not the whole of Malacca, only the interesting places around the town area(no car bah..only public bus. No money to rent a car either, but that's a thought though. It shall be considered then. Hehe)

Well, since all's said. Just wanna enjoy my holiday and all the best to Lat and Mel for their last paper tomorrow~

Mom and dad, I want money for shopping, and for buying a new set of rechargeable batteries and its charger so that I can finally move away from cam-whoring using Lat's little mobile phone camera to a more decent digital camera.

I'm gonna keep on saying that until the day comes when I finally step the lovely ground of North Borneo. huahuahua.


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