Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Dear blog,

just finished my Engish II paper earlier this morning. I didn't really get enough sleep the night before. I was having a mental block during exam and consequently a very bad and lousy essay and summary were written for the writing part. Urgh.. it was probably the lack of sleep. *sigh* why do I always tend to screw things up? I hope I'd score well though. Who knows right? Maybe I did well after all. OK, that was just me comforting myself. I didn't even finish all the Q's. I think there was one more question left unanswered. Oh well... all's done. Nothing I can do now. Just hope for the best. I'm really hoping that my continuous chants of Hail Mary everytime before I go to sleep and before I answer the exam paper worked(not even sure if that's the right prayer for exam ;P). hahaha.. OK, OK..tmorrow is my Calculus paper. Surprisingly, this time I'm not as nervous as I was during last sem. Maybe because this time I actually did my revision and not-so-last-minute like last time(I'm a self-confessed last-minute creep). But still, the butterflies are still there. Can't really make them go away, it's totally natural to be nervous before exam. Instead, you should be worried if you don't. Well, I guess that's about it for today. Oh, and a little more addition. I give my salutation to Lat and Melanie for they practically did not sleep the night before exam. Now both of them are sleeping soundly like two big babies. nyaihnyaihnyaih..~

1 DOWN, 2 MORE TO GO! and home here I come~!


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